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What is the ideal mattress for each type of body?

No two bodies are the same, nor are there two equal mattresses. It is best to find the ideal mattress for each type of body.

Choosing the can be an overwhelming task. As it is a purchase that is made every several years, it is not like you can accumulate a lot of experience in the process.

But it is important to take the time to choose one that guarantees a good rest. After all, we will spend on that mattress a third of our day, every day. Our rest, health and well-being depend to a large extent on the decision we make.

Your new mattress should help you distribute pressure evenly, help keep your spine aligned and not hamper blood circulation while you sleep.

One of the aspects to take into account when buying a mattress is your body type determined by your height and weight, as well as specific health conditions.

The height

When looking for an ideal mattress for your height considers the following:

  • Your body should fit completely on the mattress; your feet should not slip out or hang.
  • That there is enough space at your sides to move comfortably
  • If you share the mattress with someone else, they fit both comfortably

The weight

Your weight is what determines the level of firmness you should be looking for in a mattress. Here some parameters:

  • People under 65 kilos should consider a level of feeling of soft firmness.
  • People between 65 kilos and 100 kilos, one with medium firmness sensation level.
  • People over 100 kilos, one with a high level of firmness.

The support is related to the firmness, so choosing one that is not suitable could cause you to sink more than necessary or very little on your mattress, causing discomfort in the long run.


Your mattress could be a good ally when fighting specific health conditions, such as allergies, circulatory difficulties, joint pain, and lower back discomfort, among many others.

The importance is that these health conditions not only restrict a good night’s rest but also can cause pain and discomfort during the day.

Tempur mattresses are excellent for combating many of these problems. For example, they distribute the weight uniformly, minimizing the pressure points and with this the joint pains. They align the spine, which prevents lumbar problems and pain in the shoulders and neck. In the same way, they favor blood circulation and prevent allergies.

Another advantage offered by Tempur mattresses is that they can be easily adapted to almost any body type. Its unique and high-quality material offer you everything you need to get great support and an ideal night’s sleep.

As mentioned above, it is easy to get all the mattresses in focus. You can choose the mattress easily.

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